Aqua Dome, Laengenfeld

View to the Aqua Dome in Laengenfeld.

Establishing the Aqua Dome in Laengenfeld reflects the design idea of a
unique and high quality Hotel and Thermal Spa complex in the heart of the

The Aqua Dome contains two indoor pools (spring water at 34°C and 36°C),
activity pool, relaxation areas, solarium, warm zones, dining, shops. In total,
8.000 m² of landscaped roof area lays over the underground garages.
The green roof was installed with the drainage element Floradrain® FD 40
to suit the local precipitation and drainage requirements. In addition to the
high substrate depth certain areas of the lawn have been mounded to allow
for a “wave-like” character of the surface. Bushes and shrubs are planted
around the ducts to “hide” the technical equipment.

System Build-up