Fire Station, Grindelwald

The Grindelwald fire station is at one with the surrounding mountainside.

The new fire station is located to the south of the new outdoor swimming
pool, on the site of the former pool. The green roof flows wave-like upwards
to the road above. The building is incorporated aesthetically into the
mountainside as a result.
An extensive green roof was installed along with Georaster® elements that
are fitted from the bottom upwards. Pre-cultivated vegetation mats, each
2 m² in size, are placed above the system substrate for quick surface
coverage and immediate protection against erosion.
Flat, black plastic solar collectors are fitted along parts of the roof ridge in
order to generate warm water for the outdoor swimming pool, Hellbach.

System Build-up

The Georaster® elements are installed
from the bottom up. In thebackground, the Eiger north face.

The rear of the fire station, taken from the new outdoor pool.