Integer Exhibition Pavilion, Hong Kong

The model green roof of the Integer exhibition pavilion in Hong Kong.

In the Integer Pavilion was shown an exhibition that was conceived in England.
The aim was to show how to build a sustainable high-rise building in
the area and how new ideas can be used to improve the quality of the built
environment. The project was opened in the late 2001 for the public, certainly
moved to Beijing in 2004.

In the connection with the exhibition a ca. 100 m² roof was intensively
greened in order to show that in the climate of Hong Kong plants can grow
on the roof areas. For the System Build-up the drainage element Floradrain
® FD 40 was chosen. It could be made both grass and shrub plantings.
As a decorative element, a stripe of white pebbles was used.

System Build-up