New Providence Wharf, London

Intensive green roofs on the New Providence building.

Situated on the riverside of the Thames, opposite the Millenium Dome, a
remarkable housing project was developed. The oblique elliptical-shaped
corpus of the New Providence Wharf will increase staircase-shaped from
one end to another from the 12 up to the 19 floor. Respectively on the
roof of the underlying floor a terrace with adjacent lawn area and a small
swimming pool was installed. The whole is surrounded by a hedge of evergreen
shrubs which protect from wind and curious eyes. To do something
for the nature – is specially for the black redstart – the top of the
roof which is located in about 58 m height was greened with pre-cultivated
“Sedum Mats”.

The courtyard is surrounded by the building and is also located on a roof
even on the underground car park. The centre of this area is an oval lawn
area surrounded by a walking area and benches. Along the front of the
building, a artificial water course was built. Over these water course the
balconies of the ground floor apartments are jutting out as jetties.

System build-up