„The Jungle“, Palma Aquarium, Mallorca

The “Jungle” is located on top of a roof.

This subtropical Jungle situated on the roof of the Aquarium in Palma de
Mallorca was finished in 2007. To visitors, it presents itself as a botanical
paradise with waterfalls, ponds and rock walls.
The air humidity is increased artificially to create the ideal microclimate for
the tropical and subtropical plant species and make them flourish in a semi
arid environment, with cold winters and hot summers.

A robust custom-tailored ZinCo build-up was necessary to cope with the
dense jungle planting and its extremely invasive tree roots, as well as with
the elevated walkways, ponds and artificial rock walls.
Furthermore, the proximity of the coast called for wind and salt tolerant
species that were planted at the upper periphery, protecting the lower subtropical
species and preserving the microclimate.

System Build-up